Download Info and Troubleshooting

About our Downloads

You will receive an email right after you place your order with links for your downloads. Be sure to check your inbox or junk/spam folder for the e-mail.

Once you open your e-mail from us, please do the following:
  1. Click each link to automatically download to your computer. The links expire within 5 days, so please download promptly.
  2. Then, copy and paste each download to a folder you create on your computer.
  4. You may need to double click some files to open them.
  5. To download to an Apple IOS device, first download to your computer and then sync the file to your IOS device.


We are happy to help you trouble shoot problems. Just contact us OR see our TROUBLE-SHOOTING guide below.

To help you feel more comfortable, you may download a free test file HERE before making your purchase. Once downloaded, be sure to save it to your computer and then open it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are PDF files?

A PDF is a file format of a printed document that allows you to view and print it.

What are MP3 files?

All of our songs and audio downloads are in MP3 format. This popular format may be played on your computer, iPod, or MP3 player. MP3 files may also be burned to discs (CD’s), using your own disc-burning software.
What are “Zipped Files”?
Our MP3 downloads are delivered to your computer in compressed (zipped) files. This allows you to save time downloading.

Most Macs and newer PCs already have un-zipping software installed. In the unlikely event that your computer lacks un-zipping software, you can usually obtain free downloads from companies such as WinZip or Stuffit.

Click HERE for a sample zipped file download to test. Save it to your computer first. Then double click to open.

Can I Burn MP3 Files to a CD? Or transfer them to a portable device?

If you know how to transfer an MP3 file to your portable device or to a disc, you shouldn’t have any trouble with our MP3 files. Please remember to work with your MP3 files, not the zipped file, according to the instructions for your portable device or your disc-burning software.

If you need assistance, here are some links that you might find helpful:
For PCs: Windows Media Player Free Download and CD-Burning Guide
For Macs: ITunes CD-Burning Guide

Trouble Shooting Guide

The most common reasons for problems are the following:

Did you read our downloading instructions?

Most people are able to successfully download if they try again following the instructions.
Did you wait for the entire file to download to your computer?
If you try to open the file before it has completely saved to your computer, you will find some items missing.
Did you “Save” the download to your computer before you opened it?
If you open the download instead of saving it to your desktop, you might have trouble finding your downloads later on.
Trouble downloading a zip file
Try moving the zip file into one of your user profile subfolders like “downloads, documents, or pictures”, and then try to extract the files. This will help you if you are on a computer using a Windows operating system.
You downloaded each file to your computer, then go to print everything, and each download has “no content.”
When you download any file, you get the options in your browser to Save it to the computer or Open it directly. In case you choose to open a file, it gets downloaded in the temporary folders, and in case your temporary folders are full then the file may simply get deleted. So if you are looking to download a zip file, and you are getting empty folders on unzipping, then be sure to save it to your system. In most cases using the Save option will resolve the issue of empty zip files. You can also use your browser options to clear the temporary folders.

If you need additional assistance, please contact us at and we will do our best to help you. ​

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