Homeschool Spanish Curriculum

Homeschool Spanish Curriculum for Teaching Ages 8+

Teach Spanish to homeschooled children in the most cost-effective way with the Spanish for You! Homeschool Spanish curriculum. This curriculum is based on our popular Elementary Spanish program used in hundreds of schools and homeschool co-ops across the US, but specially designed for homeschool so parents who know little or no Spanish can effectively teach it, learn with their kids, or let their kids work independently.

This curriculum teaches Spanish through themed courses with engaging step-by-step lessons. Our program teaches homeschooled students to understand, speak, read, and write skillfully using vocabulary, conjugated verbs, and grammar as components of language to be put together in different ways to communicate.

The homeschool curriculum comes complete with everything a parent needs to start homeschool Spanish the very next day including downloadable lessons, worksheets, flashcards, and audio files.

Try one themed course curriculum and see how simple, effective, and affordable teaching Spanish in the home can be!

Everything You Need to Start Teaching Now

Each year-long themed course homeschool package includes everything seen here:

Each $49.95 Homeschool Package Includes

Homeschool Complete Package
  • 1 x Reusable Themed Book plus these downloads:
  • 24-30 Weekly Lesson Guides (4 days/week, 20-30 min/day)
  • 1-2 Bonus Lessons
  • 60-70 Worksheets
  • Answer Keys for everything
  • 80 Vocabulary Picture Flashcards
  • 60-65 MP3 Native Speaker Audio Files
  • 60-65 MP3 Non-native Speaker Audio Files
    (designed for a slower listening experience)
  • Folder  w/ extras on assessments, conjugation, and more!
  • Access to webpage  with review worksheets, instructions for 80+ games/activities, practice dialogs and more!
  • Free listening videos on YouTube

The Homeschool themed courses come in school-year-long curriculum packages complete with everything you need to teach Spanish to your elementary or middle school aged children. They will develop understanding, speaking, reading, and writing skills through fun and effective lessons. And they will learn to use vocabulary, conjugated verbs and grammar concepts skillfully!

The themed courses are designed in levels to fit your child’s developmental age. Use the grades 3-4 level with children ages 8-10, the grades 5-6 level with ages 10-12, and the grades 7-8 level with ages 12+. There is more flexibility in using the levels. Read about that HERE.

No experience is needed by parent or child. Children can work on their own or you can learn along with them! Students build skill and knowledge the more themed courses they complete. Do them in any order!

Here’s how to order:

Step 1:  Determine the Grade Level(s) you need. (Click HERE for help.)
Step 2:  Choose any Themed Course from below. Do them in any order!
Step 3:  Add the Themed Course in the Grade Level(s) needed to your cart.

Note: Outside the US or Canada, please email us to place your order.

Your Spanish for You! package comes with a themed book and a PDF file of the Workbook. If you wish to order an extra themed book or want a hard copy of the workbook, order from the Optional Items below:

Song Sets

Song Sets are available for the Mi vida, Conversaciones, and Viajes Themes. Listening to and singing with music is a great way to help children learn the natural flow and pronunciation of a language. Lyrics are included!

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

30-Day Money Back Guarantee from date of purchase on homeschool and teacher themed packages. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please e-mail us at We will give you instructions for returning the book from your package. Upon its receipt, we will provide a full refund. 

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