A creative and fun way to practice Spanish commands is by writing ads. Spanish commands are a form of Spanish verbs used to tell a person or several people to do things. With Spanish for You!, students learn lots of commands and practice them via many different activities. One activity is writing ads.

Spanish Commands Examples

Come el pan. = Eat the bread. Ven aquí. = Come here. Mira la pizarra. = Look at the board. Escribe en el papel. = Write on the paper. The bolded words above are the Spanish verbs in command form. Practice Spanish Commands by Writing Ads Ads are often written telling people to do things, like “Wash your hair with such and such shampoo.” OR “Buy your groceries here!” and so on. So, what I have done with my students is bring magazines to class, either in Spanish or English, and we look for ads. We talk about what they mean in English if they are in Spanish. Or, we say them in Spanish if they are in English. After we look at ads together, I have students create their own ads using Spanish commands they have been learning. They make their ads colorful using colored pencils or crayons to decorate. Then we share the ads with each other. Here are some examples of what your ads can say:
  • ¡Compra todos los alimentos aquí! = Buy all your groceries here!
  • ¡Lava el pelo con el mejor champú! = Wash your hair with the best shampoo!
  • Busca todo lo que necesitas aquí. = Look for everything you need here.

Get a Free Spanish Commands Mini Lesson

If you would like to learn and practice Spanish commands and then create ads with your children or students, you can go to my Free Spanish Mini Lessons page. Scroll down the page a bit to where you can download the free Spanish Commands Mini Lesson. Doing the Spanish Commands Mini Lesson is fun because everyone in the family can get involved. You don’t have to be studying Spanish to enjoy and get something out of this. It’s an easy and fun way to incorporate Spanish learning into your daily lives. Speaking of learning Spanish – Check out Spanish for You! for your homeschool Spanish needs or to teach your Spanish class. Spanish for You! is so easy to use, and students really enjoy all the games and activities. Please do give it a look!

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