Learn Animals and Practice Verbs with Audio


This lesson provides practice using 3rd person singular and plural present tense “ar”, “er”, and “ir” verbs in conjunction with learning the vocabulary for 10 different animals. The animals are dog, cat, frog, hippo, rhino, turtle, lion, tiger, dolphin, and elephant. The verbs are beber, comer, correr, caminar, saltar, descansar, jugar, nadar, dormir, and gruñir.

Students learn to understand, speak, read, and write using these verbs and vocabulary in complete sentences. No Spanish experience is needed. This lesson comes complete with:

  • Step-by-Step Lesson filled with a variety of games and activities!
  • Audio so you can hear everything!
  • Sentence Picture Activity Squares
  • Blank Bingo Cards
  • Learn Animals and Practice Verbs Worksheet
  • Charades Game
  • Bonus Picture Activity Cards
  • Word Search
  • Guess the Sentences Activity Sheet
  • Answer Keys

Use at home or in a class for kids grades 3 and up. Upon ordering, your item will automatically be emailed to you. Please check your inbox or spam.

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