Spanish for You! 10 Day Christmas Lesson


Lots of holiday fun! Kids learn how to speak, read, and write about Christmas through a variety of easy-to-do, fun, and effective activities. They learn vocabulary through games, how to conjugate related verbs via a systematic and enjoyable approach along with grammar concepts so they can skillfully form complete sentences as well as ask and answer questions and have little conversations.

Allow approximately 45-50 minutes for each day or go at your own pace following the lessons in sequence. You will gain access to our Curriculum Users page too filled with free extras. On that page, if you scroll to the bottom, you will see 4 free Christmas Lesson Add-ons too!

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No teacher, parent, or student experience needed.
Lesson Download For Home or Class. Best for ages 8+.

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This 10-Day Lesson Download contains:

  • step-by-step daily lessons
  • a variety of activity sheets
  • vocabulary picture and verb cards
  • AUDIO of entire lesson
  • worksheets with answer keys
  • word search, game boards, & more!

Free Bonus Christmas Lesson too!
After you complete the 10-Day Christmas Lesson, you can do this 5-page lesson to learn even more!

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