Spanish for You! Estaciones Teacher Package


Estaciones Teacher Package for Grades 3-8

Teacher Packages last the School Year and are Reusable!

Students learn useful everyday language in the context of five units including: The Calendar and Weather, Fall and School, Winter, Spring, and Summer. They begin the road to fluency by building listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.

Your Teacher Package comes with one soft-cover themed book plus these downloads: 

Also, order one Estaciones book per student, or if you do not plan to assign homework, then one classroom set is sufficient.

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Order Online or place a Purchase Order:

  • Choose the grade level package you plan to teach to your class. Not sure which Grade Level to choose?  Read here.
  • To place a Purchase Order, please email or FAX to 1-844-SPANYOU 
  • Outside the US or Canada, contact us directly to order.
  • The package book will be mailed to you and arrive within 2 weeks.
  • Your package downloads will be available to you immediately after you place your order.  In addition, you will receive a purchase confirmation email with links to your downloads.

About our downloads:

  • Download links are active for 5 days (120 hrs) from order date, with a maximum of 5 download attempts.
  • MP3 audio downloads can be played on your computer or other device, or shared with students via a sharing platform such as Google Classroom, Edmodo, etc.
  • The PDF downloads can be placed on a sharing platform for student access at home or if you use them in class, you can print as you go: 1 to 3 worksheets per student/per week, 2 pages flashcard pictures per student once every 5-6 weeks.
  • Optional Consumable Workbooks ($21.95 - $23.95 each) are available with PDF items already printed for convenience.

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