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Spanish for You! Spanish Lesson Plan Reviews are by parents or teachers who have used our curriculum for 6 weeks or more. Many are from The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew and Homeschool Mosaic. You can also take a look at our testimonials.

 “ Spanish for You is a great, affordable program that teaches kids Spanish with a multi-pronged approach. Through the book, audio, flashcards, worksheets, and games they will quickly learn and advance through Spanish in small chunks of time in and out of the classroom.”  Read Review

Heather Bowen at Mom for All Seasons

“We thoroughly enjoyed using this well-written curriculum. The lessons are short requiring no Spanish background knowledge. My daughter is retaining the material and building fluency.” Read Review

Product review by Tracey Masters, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, March, 2017

 “Spanish For You! is an incredibly simple and easy to use and teach curriculum that is totally affordable!”  Read Review

Heather Bowen at Life of a Homeschool Mom

“If you are looking for a user-friendly Spanish curriculum, then I HIGHLY recommend Spanish for You!” Read Review

New Homeschool Review by Tracey Masters

“For the first time in our homeschool history, they WANT to practice and move forward in a subject rather than me pushing them forward, uphill, through a blizzard, with lead boots.”  Read Review

Review from Filled with Crazy Blog

Learn all about the Spanish for You! Christmas lesson ($8.99) from Laura at Mommy Maleta! She is using the lesson with her 2 children and has written a blog post to help you know what it’s like.   Read Review

—  Review from Mommy Maleta

“Spanish for You! is an affordable, flexible language learning curriculum that allows families to learn together (including the mamas!) and start communicating in simple terms right from the very beginning. The author has done an excellent job creating a program that is easy to use and implement even with the busiest of schedules.”  Read Review

—  Review by Always Come Home Blog

“If you know me, you know that I love, love, love Spanish for You! It is the one and only Spanish curriculum that we have actually used and learned from.”  Read Review

—  Mi Vida Spanish for You! review from

“My daughter ABSOLUTELY LOVED the program. She BEGGED me…’CAN I PLEASE do Spanish today’  …”   Read Review

—  Review from

“…what was really cool, was they started putting together their own sentences almost right away! They knew what was correct and what wasn’t. They are getting better every day that we do Spanish. Every day builds upon the previous days and you don’t even realize it!”

—  Review from myowngreengrass

“Okay, I could probably go on and on about this program because it is the only one that my kids haven’t run away from screaming and crying. Seriously, I’m not even kidding here. They have actually enjoyed learning Spanish with Spanish for You!”  Read Review

—  Mosaic Review from

“The flashcards are a huge hit! The focus on vocabulary, verbs, and grammar show that it’s a well rounded curriculum – but, without being overwhelming. You can work at your own pace and take time where you need to most.” Read Review

—  Mosaic Review from

This student loves Spanish for You! and her mom so clearly shows how to use the curriculum – It is worth the quick read: Read Review

—  Review from

“We have absolutely LOVED this program. Now, my children have had previous experience with a homeschool Spanish program but nothing that was this structured.”   Read Review

—  Review from

“I have to say that this curriculum is fun to use! And because the lessons are relatively short, I’ve found that my daughter stays interested in each lesson until it’s finished. Most lessons take from 10 or 15 minutes to around 30 minutes depending on what we have to do each day.”

—  Review from Homeschooling Blessings blog

“This by far is my favorite Spanish program to use with the kids.”  Read Review

—  Review from 

“As a teacher who has had just the bare minimum instruction myself on the Spanish language, I spent time looking over all of the materials to become accustomed with the teaching approach. I was impressed with the way it presents so much information in a way that even I could teach it lesson by lesson.”  Read Review

—  Review from

CHARLOTTE MASON HOMESCHOOLERS – Here is a review for you! Read Review

—  Review from Acorn Hill Academy

“This program really does live up to its tagline. It is simple, effective, and affordable. In fact, after using it for a little over a month, I am still surprised at how easy it is for my eldest daughter to sit down and do Spanish. For me to work with my younger children hardly takes any time at all, either.”  Read Review

—  Review from

“The lessons, in a way, remind me of the immersion approach to learning a language.”  Read Review

—  Review from

“I have used other Spanish programs that I have really liked! What sets this one apart is how kid-friendly it is!”  Read Review

—  Review from Educating For Life blog

“One of the aspects of this program that I absolutely LOVE is that you can use it with multiple students and they can jump in whenever without finding themselves behind.”  Read Review

—  Review from

“One thing I really like about Spanish for You! is the fact that it is theme-based and commands and present tense conjugations are taught at the same time.”  Read Review

—  Review from Lighthouse Classical Academy

“We found that, Fiestas, the curriculum we are using, is really easy to use. I appreciated the different level of lessons. This is perfect for our many children.”  Read Review

—  Review from Our Happy Homestead

Review by Spanish Playground about our Teacher Lesson Plans.  Read Review

“I really appreciated how this programme builds oral, written, reading and grammatical knowledge – because it teaches Spanish in a theme the girls are actually learning to converse in Spanish rather than just leaning boring lists of words : )…We have used a number of Spanish programmes and this is one of my favourites so far : )”  Read Review

—  Review from Homeschool Escapage

“I honestly have struggled for years about having to teach my children a foreign language. I am happy to say that I see great potential with Spanish for You! to help me guide my children into a high school Spanish program for their foreign language credit.”  Read Review

—  Review from God’s Blessing Blog

“In looking the program over, I love how easily it integrates everything. Lessons are short and build upon each other while continually introducing new material. The variety of activities keeps away boredom while reinforcing everything that is learned.”   
—  Review from Homeschool Dreams Blog

“Both Ben and I found Spanish for You! to be a refreshing new way to learn Spanish. It made sense to us, because we tend to think in themes. It was simple to implement, taking only about 20-30 minutes a day to complete a lesson and because it used many different tools — speaking, writing, audio, reading — he was never bored and really looked forward to each lesson.”  

—  Review from Ben and Me, the Traveling Homeschool

“I’m impressed with this product. I think it’s very thorough and put together quite nicely. There is a lot of material bundled together into these units, it’s much more than just a cursory introduction to Spanish. At the same time, however, it is put together in a way that makes it seem like a very gentle/fun introduction to the language that you can ease into.” Read Review

—  Review from The Fearsomely Fantastic FIVE! Blog

“What I love about the program is that each boy has their own set of worksheets based on their grade level. D’s a younger grade than R and has ‘simpler’ worksheets to complete. When traveling, I even gave the boys their own copy of the lesson guides by week to then check off as they completed the different tasks.”  Read Review

—  Review from Day by Day in Our World Blog

“My final thoughts: This is a fun way to learn Spanish. I loved that it catered to the needs of the child. If your child likes games, Spanish for You! has you covered. If they do better with listening or writing it’s all in the program.”  Read Review

—  Review from Balancing it All while Homeschooling 6

“My final thoughts: This is a fun way to learn Spanish. I loved that it catered to the needs of the child. If your child likes games, Spanish for You! has you covered. If they do better with listening or writing it’s all in the program.”  Read Review

—  Review from Balancing it All while Homeschooling 6

“I appreciate that all the work is done for you so all you have to do is implement it (I am all about saving myself work!) While I do have a background in Spanish, having the audio files is beneficial for the words I don’t remember but also the way this curriculum is laid out, any parent could teach this even if they had never heard a word of Spanish before.”  Read Review

—  Review from Treasuring Life’s Blessings Blog

“I appreciate the author’s commitment to keeping the materials affordable, and fun for your family to learn together.”  Read Review

—  Review from Mom of Many… Blog

MOM TAKES SPANISH FOR YOU! ON THE ROAD.  “With a wee bit of planning and preparation, it was easy to take this curriculum “on the road” and adapt for a recent road trip that was a 3 hour trip each way.”   Read Review

—  Review from Something Whimsical Blog

“I cannot wait to start him with this program on his own in 3rd grade and will continue to use it with my 5th grader until we are finished. Then on to Estaciones!”  Read Review

—  Review from Family, Faith & Fridays Blog

“I really liked that the program was organized so well that she could tackle it on her own, without me having to breathe down her back. The lesson plan really lays it all out, so there really isn’t a question of what to do next…or a question of whether you are doing this right….or not.”  Read Review

—  Review from Shut the Fridge Blog

“Overall, I really like Spanish for You! It is a great idea to have themes that span over multiple grades, so you can use it easily for homeschooling different ages together.” Read Review

—  Review from The Loose Screw Blog

“I really like the concept of Spanish For You! Especially in a homeschool when you are teaching several different ages all at the same time it is very convenient to have them learning the same things but also have the different worksheets for the different grade levels.”  Read Review

—  Review from The Happy Homeschool Mom Blog

Check out the Mexican birthday party this reviewer did using our Fiestas package:  Read Review

—  Review from A Class of One Blog

“This Spanish program is SO easy to use. It is suitable for children in grades 3-8 but even my four year old learned some new words.”  

—  Review from Chickens bunnies and homeschool Blog

“I would wholeheartedly recommend this one for beginner Spanish! I absolutely love that you can buy one book and, with the whole package, be able to teach every grade in your homeschool from 3rd -8th!”  Read Review

—  Review from Loving & Learning on the High Plains Blog

“When I first received the book, I thought it was kind of on the slim side, but the interior is packed with great information!”
Read Review

—  Review from Karen B. Nelson

Another student loves Spanish for You!  Read Review

—  Review from Faith, Hope and Homeschool Blog

THIS REVIEW ALSO INCLUDES A NICE SLIDESHOW.  “My 5th grader usually gets frustrated when new materials are added in, but he really enjoyed the Spanish For You program. My 3rd grader LOVES the program. He is really enjoying it.”  Read Review

—  Review from Family Mgr Kendra Blog

“I especially like that verb conjugation is taught starting with the first lesson. So many Spanish programs for children just teach words and phrases, but don’t teach conjugation. I feel like Emily is not just learning vocabulary and phrases, but she is learning the tools she needs to use the language.”  Read Review

—  Review from Debbie’s Homeschool Corner Blog

“The audio recordings are very clear and well done. I was surprised that my son was able to follow short commands given to him in Spanish after only the first unit of Spanish For You.”  Read Review

—  Review from Kingdom Academy Homeschool Blog

An entertaining review – Mom shares humorous personal story about her Spanish class struggles in college and then shares how using Spanish for You! was fun and effective for her and her kids.   Read Review

—  Review from Loud Mouth Mama Blog

Homeschool Mom Finds Spanish for You! to be the most kid-friendly curriculum.  Read Review

—  Review from Kramer Cottage School

“Spanish for You! is so easy to use.”  Read Review

—  Review from Crazy Homedaze Blog

A new review that shows some nice pictures of the materials. Good info. too!    Read Review

—  Review from Always Come Home Blog

This homeschool mom uses going at your own pace to maximize her children’s learning AND SHE SEES THE GREAT LEARNING VALUE IN MAKING FLASHCARDS. Spanish for You! has students make flashcards as part of the process of learning new vocabulary and verbs. This is highly beneficial!  Read Review

—  Review from One Step in the Middle Blog

A homeschool mom who always felt uncomfortable with the idea of teaching a foreign language to her kids found Spanish for You! to be easy to use, fun, and effective.  Read Review

—  Review from Logistically Large Blog

This homeschool mom provides a really nice first hand explanation of how to use our curriculum. She provides visuals that you may find very helpful. Check out how she used our Fiestas package with her kindergartener:    Read Review

“Luke and I have really enjoyed using this product! He is loving Spanish, and asks to do it – especially once he figured out he could play games with his flashcards!”  

—  Review from Reaping a Harvest Blog

Concise and Clear Information about How Spanish for You! works:    Read Review

—  Review from One Blessed Mama Blog

“They enjoyed doing the worksheets for each lesson and I think it really helped to reinforce the language concepts worked on during the lesson.”   Read Review

—  Review from Blossoms and Blessings Blog

Homeschool mom uses our Fiestas package with her two children. A thorough review:   Read Review

—  Review from Martha at The Joy of School 

Review by Cathy Duffy, a well known reviewer of homeschool curriculum.   Read Review

—  Review from

“My children have really enjoyed the Fiestas Spanish curriculum! It is a fun theme, with words and phrases they love to learn (like regalo and caramelo!). My children are younger, and it has been no problem to slow down the pace for them. The flashcard illustrations are lively and fun to color in while we work through the lesson. Each lesson builds upon the other, and before my children realized it, they were conjugating verbs! The common words and phrases are fun and easy to incorporate into conversation throughout the day, and the games are great for reinforcement.”

—  Short Review by a homeschool mom using our Fiestas package with her daughter

“Without becoming redundant, the lessons review, reteach, and repeat the words the kids need to learn. They do not get bored since it is always presented in a new way and language study is such an interactive discipline that everyone stays involved and learning. The lessons are also on the shorter side so they won’t take up a lot of your day, but they will get the job done efficiently.”  Read Review

—  Review by the Chicagoland Homeschool Network

Homeschool mom uses Spanish for You! with her children ranging in age from 7th grade to Kindergarten. She loved it!  

Read Review

—  Review from All Boy Home School Blog

“I have to say that I really like this program and so does my nine year old. She actually asks to do Spanish now. My little one is learning things that I didn’t learn until high school Spanish, but the learning is being done in a way that is easy for me to teach and for her to learn.”  

—  Review from

“One of the greatest features of this curriculum—you receive an mp3-audio of every word and command in the lesson. ” 

—  Review by Coffee, Cobwebs, and Curriculum Blog

“This Spanish curriculum is ideal for homeschool parents who are looking for a curriculum for their kids but do not already know Spanish.   Spanish For You! curriculum is designed such that the parent/teacher does not need to already know Spanish. ” 

—  Review by Alive in Spirit Blog

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