Spanish Curriculum Testimonials

Testimonials are from teachers or parents who have used Spanish for You! either for homeschool, self-study, or in an elementary or middle school class.  You can also read our Reviews.

“I have used this program for three years and it is great! Students understand how each theme builds upon the previous one. New students I have do not fall behind as they easily integrate into the current theme. This program gives you the best of both worlds. The lesson plans are easy to implement and very adjustable to the class pace. My students really like the interactive activities, especially “Mata Moscas.” Finally, the customer support has been amazing, from the ordering, quick replies to questions, and unexpected supplemental materials and advice. I can always count on Debbie. I’m so happy and fortunate to have found Spanish for You!”

Jesus Encinas

Teacher, All Saints Catholic School, Arizona

“I am from Guatemala, and I learned English for 12 years.  I was good at the grammar and writing, but speaking, oh boy!!!  This is the reason I really like your Spanish curriculum.  It gets the students forming small sentences right away!”

Caridad L.

Homeschool Mom

“I wanted to let you know the compliments I have received from the High School Spanish 1 teacher at our co-op. She was so pleased that all my former students had a really good grasp of the Spanish language. I drilled conjugation into them and their vocabulary is well established. They are eager to learn and attentive. I expect nothing but success from them. Most are middle school kids but the class is a highschool level class. Thank you so much for all you do. We truly love this curriculum.”

Nydia, M.

Homeschool Co-op Teacher

“We are back to work and wanted to let you know that the Spanish For You! program was a great success.  I have had great feedback from parents on how much more Spanish their children learned during the past school year.  I will continue to use the program this year.”

Jesus E.

Teacher, All Saints Catholic School

“I have continued to enjoy using the Spanish for You themes in our co-op. What I like is the 4 days of homework that students are able to do at home with the audio support for easier use. Students also love the games and review activities we do in class. Some things I have added are creating stories for each Lección using the vocabulary and the verbs for that unit. Students love to act out the stories that they help create. Then we illustrate them and turn them into a booklet and play different games with them.”
Diana D

Homeschool Co-op Teacher

“We have enjoyed it for nearly 4 years! Truly the curriculum is user-friendly, fun and challenging! It is a straightforward, practical everyday Spanish curriculum that is easily taught in a multi-student classroom setting or simply at home with one or two students. Señora captures the student’s attention with creative illustrations, everyday vocabulary and well organized lesson plans! ¡Excelente!”
Michelle L.


“We thought your program went well this past school year. My children said that they learned more in 1 year at home than they had learned in all the years combined of their Spanish class at their previous school. That’s saying something!”
Rosy T.

Homeschool Parent

“We are still enjoying the curriculum for our fifth-eighth graders! Your curriculum is very unique in that we can incorporate new students with the ones who have already had Spanish for a year or two.”


Denise B.

Homeschool Co-op Director

“This program has been a life saver for me.  I’m not even fluent (to my parents’ consternation) but all my students have gone to high school minimally with Spanish 1 Honors but most go straight to Spanish 2.  And I don’t even get to utilize all the options your program offers due to time!”

Dina B.

Teacher, Immanuel Lutheran School

“Those Spanish materials worked out great this past school year.  The boys learned how to conjugate and also about pronouns.  I am planning to order again for this year.”


Rose P.

Homeschool Parent 2023

“This year has been great! I love the curriculum! My kids have been doing awesome, and I’m so proud of their progress!”


Cristina V.

Homeschool Co-op Teacher

“We are LOVING your Spanish curriculum.  It is so easy to implement and the kids (and I) are learning so much.  I am grateful.”


Tessa A.

Homeschool Parent

“My students really like the program, and it’s significantly cut down on my planning time. The BEST thing about it, however, is that I’m actually hearing my students speak to me and one another in Spanish. The classes are much more interactive, and time flies.”
Robert Rabello

Teacher, Penticton Christian School

“We like the Spanish for You! curriculum’s flexibility. We’ve found it very adaptable to our family’s unusual school schedule.”


Holly H.


“I just wanted to thank you for Spanish for You! I am in the fourth week of using it with my two children, and all of us are loving it. You’ve organized everything in a way that makes it all so fun and easy to learn. We’re looking forward to continuing!”

Rhoda S.

Homeschool Parent Aug 2022

“”I like that it has a good variety of activities. They like that there are games, worksheets, and especially audio. I like that it’s easily laid out to see what a “day” is and they can do it without me.”

Nicole R.

Homeschool Parent Sep 2022

“The things I love about this curriculum are that it has a ton of activities and games that engage the students. I don’t even use all the ones you list because I think some are better for very small groups, but even so there are still LOTS to pick and choose from, and the kids love it! They really learn from them too! We are coming to the end of Leccion 2 (unit 2) for the 7th and 8th grade – just in the beginning for the 6th grade, but I love that I can pace this by adding more time to things or going through other things more quickly.”

Keith H.

Teacher, St. John's Evangelical Lutheran School

“The audio tracks are a great supplement and work tremendously for practicing the language together and pronouncing correctly. I have set up a google classroom and it is going really well! I don’t have them hand in a lot of assignments there but they can use it to review what we do in class, extra practice, and play with outside of class. Parents can also see what is going on in class more closely by looking at the tracks and such as well.”


Keith H.

Teacher, St. John's Evangelical Lutheran School

 “Spanish for You! is a wonderful Spanish language program for any after-school program, private lessons, and homeschooling for students. I have been using Spanish For You! for an after-school program in Silicon Valley for elementary and middle school students and they love its educational, fun, and interactive qualities. After one year of using the program, kids are learning to speak and write Spanish very quickly. Just like the slogan, Spanish for You! is truly simple, effective and affordable!!!”

Ana Quinones

Founder of Estrella Spanish Language Program


“I taught our co-op class this past year using Spanish for You! and one of my students’ fathers is from Spain. Their family went to Spain for 2 weeks and his mother was so thankful for the solid foundation that Spanish for You gave her son! I HIGHLY recommend it. I’ve taught Spanish for several years and this is THE best program I’ve ever come across. Plus, Debbie Annett is amazing and SO helpful!”

Becky W.

Homeschool Co-op Teacher 2019-20

“The curriculum is going great, I really like the repetitive nature! The kids really feel like they are getting it!”

Aimee B.

Homeschool Parent

“A great introductory class that teaches basic Spanish in an easy-to-understand, user-friendly way!”
Laurie S.


“I feel like a broken record, but we LOVE Spanish for You! My daughter is on her second full year now and loves learning, and I have loved how easy to use, comprehensive (I have tried many before), affordable and fun it is! THANK YOU”

Coco L.

Homeschool Parent

“I’m a mom of 2 in Canada. Unfortunately I didn’t teach my kids the language earlier, but after trying many things I found Debbie Annett and her curriculum. I’m using it with my oldest, and she is now in her second year with it. Love love love it so much!”

Sara L.

Homeschool Parent

For Our Charlotte Mason Lovers:

“I have used your material for my boys for several years now, and it has been very helpful. I teach with a Charlotte Mason approach and find your guides to follow her recommendations.”

Krista J.

Homeschool Parent


“I am a Spanish speaking parent who has had a hard time teaching my kids Spanish because my husband does not speak Spanish, and it is difficult to speak Spanish at home. This program is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you.”

Virginia N.

Homeschool Parent

“Debbie, I just downloaded the teacher package and it is fabulous!  So detailed and easy to understand.  I have a lot more confidence as a new Spanish teacher.  You have taken a HUGE burden off of my shoulders.  You crossed every ‘t’ and dotted every ‘i’ in this curriculum and I thank you so much for that!” 

Deanna P.

Teacher, The Christian Academy


“I want to yet again thank you for your program. My girl has thrived with it this year (finishing conversaciones), and I love how open and go it is, not overwhelming, and yet so comprehensive! I cannot say enough about it!”


Sarah L.


“We have been using Spanish for You! Conversaciones for a semester now and it is very rich, full of a variety of activities. The students love it, and I enjoy teaching with it.”

Whitney R.

Homeschool Co-op Teacher


“I  honestly love it! I think it’s a great program and I love all that it’s teaching the kids.”

Angela B.

Homeschool Co-op teacher using Mi vida and Verbos


“Classes are going so well!  Several moms told me this is the best curriculum they have ever seen.  Much better than stuff they even used in college, they told me.  I agree. I LOVE your lesson plans. They make my life so easy.  I wish I had only found you earlier in my teaching life.”

Nelda M.

Homeschool Co-op Teacher


“I am loving the curriculum! Everyone I talk to I tell about it, that I love it and why. The feedback I am getting from students and parents alike is super positive and they all love it!  They love the variety of worksheets, and I have even heard students say: ‘I like all the different kinds of worksheets we do, they’re fun’!”

Keith H.

Teacher, St. John's Evangelical Lutheran School

This is a VERY different program, compared to what I’ve used before, and I’ve noticed a couple of things. First off, the students are expecting to do more writing because that’s what we’ve done in the past. It didn’t work very well, and this is the reason I bought your program.  I keep telling them, ‘Did you learn English by writing, or by listening to your mother speaking to you?’

The program more or less forces them to engage, which actually gets them SPEAKING Spanish. This is completely novel and is a wonderful change. They’re also telling me that they’re going home and telling their parents about what they’ve learned in Spanish class. Finally, even some of my wallflower children who HATE speaking out in class are now starting to risk speaking Spanish in front of their classmates. What a difference!”

Robert Rabello

Teacher, Penticton Christian School


“We, as a homeschool family, were blessed by your Spanish class. Peyton learned so much more in your class in three years than my older son did in eight years of public school. The progression and pace of the curriculum made Spanish easy and fun. Peyton is currently in eighth grade taking Spanish I, which is a high school level class. No other junior high student is currently enrolled in the class with her. She was well prepared for this level of Spanish and continues to succeed with all A’s. Thanks for all of your hard work.”

Courtney W.



“My two boys and I are finishing up the Estaciones unit this week! I’ve already purchased Mi Vida for next school year…thank you for such a fun and easy program. I feel like I’m learning Spanish right along with them. 🙂”


Anne I.

Homeschool Parent


“I like the materials and find them easy to use for myself. The audio is key for us since I do a great injustice to the pronunciations!”


LeeAnn A.


“For me the best feature of Spanish For You is the lesson plans for the teacher. I spend very little time prepping for my class. This is the main reason why I buy the program. Also everything is included and easy to get to. Vocab cards, verb cards, etc. The program is very user friendly.”

Jennifer S.

Private School Teacher, March 2018

“You know honestly, I couldn’t think of a thing that this program needs. It is much better than other foreign language programs that I’ve used/reviewed.”


Heather B.

Private School Teacher, March 2018

“I wanted to thank you for all your help last year. I am so glad I found your curriculum! I love the ease of the lesson plans and the layout of the curriculum. Even the students and parents are surprised by how much they are learning.” 


Homeschool Co-op Teacher

“My daughter, Elena, (6th grade) loves this curriculum and she repeatedly tells me it’s her favorite subject!  Thanks so much for creating it!” 

Nancy C.


“I have been using the Viajes curriculum this year for my co-op class and it has been absolutely amazing. I rave about Spanish For You all the time. My students are learning, and it’s incredible!” 

Becky W.

Homeschool Co-op Class Teacher, Feb 2020

“I like how you group the subjects and how the audio goes right along with the book. The sections are the right size, not too much information. I love that you have practice sentences for each section. They are actually learning to speak real conversations!”

Vicki M.


“Just want to send a shoutout to Spanish for You! We are loving the program. I’m using it with my 9 and 6 years olds and they are picking up the language so easily. I know the program says for grades 3-8, but my kindergartener is developing even faster than my third grader. This is the third program we’ve tried and it blows the others out of the water. I’m recommending it to anyone looking for a great, affordable way to introduce their children to Spanish. Two big thumbs up!” 

Stacy R.

Facebook Review, Feb 2020

I highly recommend this! I have used it this year for my sixth grader and it has been a wonderful addition. I spent years wishing I had something like this.” 


Krista J.

Facebook Review, Feb 2020

“We started using the program earlier this year and love the program. We are using ‘Conversaciones.’ We love the program and are having a blast learning Spanish. My kids don’t fuss when it is time to do it and they love the games and actually ask to play them again and again!”

Tessa B.

Parent, Dec 2016

“I LOVE your curriculum! I have been teaching for 28 years from public school to 2-year college, to TCU in Ft. Worth and now, ”retired,” at a resource school for home-educated students— your presentation is unique and so very logical and effective!” 

Teresa B.

Homeschool Co-op Teacher, Nov 2016

“We are homeschoolers, in year 9, kids are in 8th and 6th grade. Three years ago I decided to teach the kids French as I was a French minor in college. My husband also took French in college but has always been interested in Spanish – he has visited Haiti, Mexico and Central America. He then began his self taught journey of Spanish, using Coffee Break Espanol and Duolingo. At the same time, we decided that Spanish would be the best language for the kids to learn. After finding your curriculum, I know we made the right choice. Your lessons are so well organized and thought out that even this ‘frenchy’ can teach it. We are in our second year.”

Jennifer W.

Parent, March 2016

“I am an experienced Spanish teacher who started teaching at a home school campus for the first time this year. I found while searching for programs to use. I loved it because it is very inexpensive and it is all done for you! I did not have to spend all my time creating a curriculum on my own. As a mother of two children under five, I needed to find something that was already in place that I could implement. It is catered perfectly to homeschool families (and teachers) because it gives you step by step instructions for both teacher and students-and parents! I have had nothing but praise for using the program. I will be using it again next year! There are so many great themes to choose from, which will mean it will never be redundant for families who take the class year after year. We have had so much fun this year thanks to this program! The director of the school has her two children in my class and has repeatedly told me how much she LOVES the program! Thanks for making my first home school teaching experience an easy and fun one!”

Kelly Mitchell

Homeschool Campus OC, April 2015

“First, I want to say that we have had an EXCELLENT year using Mi Vida in our 3-4 grade and 5-6 grade classes at our co-op. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed teaching with this curriculum, and I am amazed at how much the students have learned. A few weeks ago I asked the parents if they would like to continue using Spanish for You! next year, and hands-down, the answer was a resounding “yes!” We are so looking forward to using Conversaciones next year.”

Lisa Spangler

Signature Co-op in Maryland, April 2015

“Thanks, we did have a great year, and I learned a lot about how to teach Spanish by using your materials.”

Kristi V.

Christian Home Educators Co-op, May 2015

“This is the first year we have done Spanish for You! and my son and I have really enjoyed the program. It is so user friendly and it has been a joy for me to teach. We meet a woman on vacation who did not speak English and I was amazed when at about 2 months into the program my son was able to carry on a very basic conversation with her. He only needed a little help from me to speak with her.”

Heather E.

Homeschool Mom, Dec 2015

“Love, love, love this program. We just started the Christmas lessons (Day 2). As we drove around looking at Christmas decorations, my 7-year-old kept saying, ‘Look Mom! I see la corona de navidad!’”

Facebook Comment from Parent

Dec 2015

“Debbie, I just wanted to take a minute to say, ’we are loving your curriculum!’ We played Thanksgiving Go Fish today, and my girls keep asking to play again. I’m so excited. I feel like I can teach AND learn Spanish.”

Polly N.

Homeschool Mom, Nov 2015

“I am using this right now with my 8 yr old and as a Spanish speaker myself I can honestly say its a very well thought out curriculum. Better than Rosetta Stone or Duolingo or any other Spanish programs I have tried. My son is really enjoying it and I love how there are so many games and activities suggested to reinforce the vocabulary.”

Cecilia R.

Parent of Gr. 3-4 student, July 2015

“Just wanted to reach out as we are finishing up Viajes and let you know that we had a great experience. The way your material hits the concepts from 3 or 4 angles is really good. Madeline really understands the concept of conjugation, learned a bunch of vocabulary, and even started getting the direct pronoun stuff at the end of the program. We recommend it to anyone who asks.”

James G.

Parent of Grades 5-6 student, Aug 2014

“We loved your curriculum! It was the first time we enjoyed studying Spanish! Great for the whole family! Keep doing a great job!”

Wendy D.

Homeschool Mom, July 2014

“Personally, I love it! My kids are learning a lot and we’re having fun together.”

James G.

Parent of Grades 5-6 student, Aug 2014

“We loved your curriculum! It was the first time we enjoyed studying Spanish! Great for the whole family! Keep doing a great job!”

Mandy R.

Homeschool Co-op teacher and program director of HEART Homeschool Co-op for Grades 3-8.

“This makes my heart happy! We love, love, love Spanish for You. My girls said I went total fangirl and they are probably right. Debbie is amazing and finally meeting her in person was a highlight of convention. So thankful we found this program.”

Renita T.

Social Media Director, Teaching Parents Association, Wichita, KS

“We have used Spanish for You just this year for our youngest. I highly recommend it for someone who wants a quality foreign language program without paying an exorbitant price.”

A Blessed Heritage Educational Resources

Provider of multicultural history curriculum

“I wanted to get back to you regarding your Estaciones curriculum. I absolutely love it. It is exactly what I needed at this point. We have been studying Spanish for two years now. We have covered the basic vocabulary and key phrases. I needed a program to carry us to the next level of instruction and yours is perfect. I peeked ahead and am so excited to begin introducing all the verbs. I am going to write a review on my blog which then I hope you will post. I honestly have no criticisms. I am a teacher myself, so I really like the pacing.”

Eileen M.

Homeschool parent

“We really enjoy using the Spanish for You! Curriculum. As a homeschooling mom, teaching a foreign language was intimidating, but the Spanish for You! curriculum has really made it easy. I love how I can combine the material for my 3rd and 6th graders, and they can learn Spanish together. The curriculum is complete, easy to use, flexible, and affordable. The games and activities make learning fun, and the audio accompaniment makes learning pronunciation easy. I fully recommend this curriculum to anyone wanting their children to learn Spanish.”

Anna H.

Homeschool parent

“BEST SPANISH CURRICULUM EVER!!  Our family has thoroughly enjoyed Spanish for You! for 8 years now! We have a student that is a freshman in high school who has blossomed into truly decoding a foreign language! Our 5th grade student who is a more tactile learner enjoys the variety of lessons…from worksheets to games. As parents we embrace the atmosphere of family learning that it encourages through much interaction. You will not be disappointed.”


Karen H.


“My 11-year-old son has been using Spanish-for-you for 3 years, and is now starting High School Spanish as he enters 6th Grade. We found the curriculum package to be a well thought-out system with each week including: games; a variety of listening, speaking, reading and writing activities; and a manageable pace of new vocabulary and concepts, supported with sound review opportunities.”

Caroline S.


“It’s extremely user-friendly and well organized. The assignments are thorough and all the material required to complete the assignments is provided.”

Erica M.


“Thank you so much for your great, affordably priced and easy to implement curriculum. It has been a joy to teach!”

Dina B.

Teacher, Immanel Lutheran School, CT

“I am currently using your themed course “Conversations” with my 3rd & 8th graders. We enjoy it. Spanish is not tedious or boring. We use your ideas for games and my kids ask to keep going. Thanks for the opportunity to win!”

Kathleen Parker

Homeschool Parent

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