Are you using a Spanish program at home with your kids, but feel you are lacking interactive practice?  Well, here is an idea of how you can add interaction to your studies.

Find another family or families who may want to study Spanish too.  Coordinate what curriculum or program you are using with them so that all of you are working on the same material. Then schedule a time, maybe once a week (or every other week) for an hour to do some practice games and activities together.

You can find simple games and activities for practicing verbs, vocabulary, and conversation on our Curriculum Activities page. And these can be used no matter what Spanish curriculum or program you are using.

With a one-time $12 membership, you will have access to our Curriculum Activities for You! page filled with simple instructions for over 80 games and activities for practicing Spanish. These games and activities use simple materials, like index cards, dice, card stock, and markers – all simple, inexpensive items that most people have on hand.

If you use Spanish for You! as your curriculum, you will automatically have access to this games and activities page.  And, you will find that many of these are woven into the daily lessons.

It is all so easy to use and fun!  You don’t need a native speaker to get your kids using their Spanish in an interactive way. You just need other people who want to use the language to practice and communicate.

Give it a try and enjoy!


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