If you’re looking for something really fun and culturally educational for your students, you might want to consider hosting a country fair.

This elementary school has many students from Spanish speaking countries. They decided to host a fair where parents volunteered to create booths representing their countries. The booth featured here is for Spain. It is so cool!

Inside they have food samples of Spanish tortilla and flan for all the kids to try. They also have collages all around showing various pictures of Spain, Spanish food, and many other things typical of Spain.  Plus there are items like castanets and flamenco fans the kids can see and touch. They had flamenco music playing, and the mom who headed up this booth is from Spain, so she was there to answer any questions the kids had.

Outside they did face painting and had that awesome flamenco dress and suit “thing” where you could pop your head through and take a picture. What a neat idea!

There were other countries represented, like Peru, Colombia, Mexico, and more!

You don’t have to be from these places to host something like this. It would be an awesome way to get your kids learning about another country and culture just by doing the project.

I just love what they did and hope you do too!


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