As the school year begins and your kids prepare for learning Spanish, why not get them warmed up with my Free Spanish Label Your School Stuff Activity?!

With this free Spanish activity, you download a list of school items as well as an audio to hear what each word sounds like. Your child can learn how to say things like backpack, calculator, pen, pencil, notebook, and much more.

Then, your child can make little labels with the words that are on the list already formatted in little boxes and put them on his/her school things. Then, you can play a game of Simón Dice (Simon Says) with the labeled items. Choose one person to be Simón, and the other people are the players. Here’s how it goes:

Simon says sentences like these:

  • Simón dice toca la mochila. = Simon says touch the backpack.
  • Simón dice toca el lápiz. = Simon says touch the pencil.
  • Toca el cuaderno. = Touch the notebook. (On this sentence no one should touch the backpack because Simón did not say “Simón dice”/Simon says.)

If a player touches an item on a sentence when Simón doesn’t say “Simón dice” (Simon says), then that person is out, OR you can play so that each player gets a certain number of times until they are out, or whatever rule you choose. In my classes when we play, all students stay in. We just say “gotcha”, and continue playing. I also let students take turns being Simón.

Pronunciation help: Simón dice sounds like “see-moan dee-seh”. Toca sounds like “toe-kah”.

You can also print an extra copy of the labels and use them to play other games to help learn the words, like Memory, ¿Cuál falta? (What’s Missing?), and more.

You can find the Free Spanish Label Your School Stuff Activity here.  And, for a list of games you can play with the cards, go here.

There are a lot of words! So, keep it simple and focus on learning small groups of words at a time, whatever works for your child. Just have fun with it!


PS – If you’re looking for a Spanish curriculum for your homeschool or to teach classes at your school, check out Spanish for You! for grades 3-8. It’s a fun, easy, and affordable way to implement Spanish.

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