There are so many ways you can use printable game boards to practice Spanish vocabulary. One game I recently played with a student I tutor was this vocabulary spelling game.  Here is how we played:

On the student’s turn, he rolled the die and then had to write a word that I said out loud. If he spelled it correctly, he got to move. If not, he had to stay where he was.

On my turn, I rolled the die. Then my student got to look in a children’s Spanish/English picture dictionary and say any word in Spanish aloud.  I had to guess the meaning in English.  If correct, I got to move. If not, I stayed.

Needless to say, he loved finding the hardest words possible.  There were some I knew, and some I did not.  The great thing was that he was learning new words while having fun trying to stump me.

If you are using Spanish for You! with your students, you could play this game by having players say any vocabulary word aloud in English or look at a picture of it using the flashcard/activity pictures so the other player has to write or say it in Spanish.  You can add challenge to the game by making the player have to spell it correctly or use it in a sentence.

Or find your own creative ways to use a printable game board to practice anything your students are learning in Spanish.  If you have any great ideas, please comment and leave them here for others to enjoy.


​PS – If you’re looking for a Spanish curriculum to use in your homeschool or to teach classes, take a look at Spanish for You! It’s so flexible, fun, and easy to use!

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