Play this FUN and EASY game over the holidays with your family and practice your Spanish too! It’s also fun to play in a classroom with students.

I call it, “Voy al polo norte y llevo…” (I go to the North Pole and I take…)

What you need:

  • a bag OR to make it festive a Santa hat or Christmas stocking
  • pictures, flashcards, or actual items of vocabulary words
  • **If you use Spanish for You!, you will have pictures of all your vocabulary

How to play:   (NOTE: “y” = and)

  • Give each person at least one picture or item. If you have more items than people, then pass out the items evenly among players.
  • First person says, “Voy al polo norte y llevo____.” filling in the blank with one of his/her items, and places the item (or picture) in the bag.
  • Next person says, “Voy al polo norte y llevo____y____.” filling in the blank with the first person’s item plus one of his/her items.
  • Next person says, “Voy al polo norte y llevo____, ____, y_____.” filling in the first blank with the first person’s word, second blank with the second person’s word, and the third blank with his/her item.
  • Continue play until all items have been placed in the bag.
  • It may help to have the sentence, “Voy al polo norte y llevo…” on the board just to help players as they begin their sentences.

Game Variations:

  • “Voy al zoológico y veo…” = I go to the zoo, and I see… (great for practicing animals in Spanish)
  • “Voy a la escuela y llevo…” = I go to school, and I take…
  • “Voy de viaje y llevo…” = I go on a trip, and I take…

Pronunciation Help:  Bolded syllable is where stress goes in the word.
voy = boy
al = ahl
polo = poe-low
​norte = nor-teh
y = ee
llevo = yeh-boh (soften the “b” sound as you say it)

The game probably is familiar to many of you. It’s so fun and easy! Enjoy!


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