What do you think are the reasons anyone should learn another language? Is it to broaden job opportunities, to sharpen your brain, improve communication with and understanding of other people in this world? Or maybe it is just because it interests you.

Well, listen to this middle school student on their reasons. She did some research of her own, and this is the speech she gave during a homeschool co-op speech class. The clip is 3 minutes long and worth the listen! When you’re done, ask yourself, “Why Should I or my Kids Learn Another Language?”

And consider this – Yes, English is said to be “the international language”, but the benefits of knowing another language bring many gifts – cognitive health, increased career opportunities, improved communication and understanding between people of different cultures and nations, and for many, it is just plain FUN!

It is exciting when you see that you can communicate with someone in another language. For many people, it is an excitement they don’t expect. They work and work and work to learn, but then, one day, they begin using it, and WOW! It is fantastic and so rewarding!


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