• Infinitives (the un-conjugated verbs)
  • Commands (the forms used to tell people to do things)
  • I forms
  • you forms
  • he/she/you formal forms
  • we forms
  • you all (used in Spain only) forms
  • they/you all forms

By organizing the verbs this way, your student has a constant visual and will begin to recognize patterns. And you can do activities using the wall:

  • Take down all or some of the conjugated verb cards and pass them out to your student(s). Then call out the verbs in English (ex:  I run.  We read.  He goes. etc.). They have to put them back in the correct group.
  • Have a race. Pass out all or some of the cards to two students. First one to stick all their cards back correctly wins.
  • Pull down all or some cards and pass them out. Call out groups, like “I”, “we”, “they”, etc.  Students with verbs that fits those groups stick them back on the wall.

Maybe you can think of a fun activity to do. If so, feel free to leave your idea here.  I would love to pass it on!


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