Use plastic eggs to have a relay race to practice different things in Spanish. My students and I used these to practice matching subjects with conjugated verbs. Here is how:

  • Using about 40 eggs, write subjects (ex: I/yo, we/nosotros, they/ellos, etc.) on one side/half of each egg and conjugated verbs on the other halves.
  • Make sure there is a conjugated verb match for every subject. It is ok to write your subjects in English or Spanish. I wrote mine in both.
  • Divide your students into two teams.
  • Give each team a basket with an equal number of egg halves, in this case with subjects written on them.
  • Set one large bowl or basket at the other end of the relay with the verb egg halves.
  • When the teacher says “go”, the first player on each team grabs an egg half from the basket and takes it to the other basket to find the verb match.
  • Players bring back the matched eggs and place them in their team basket. (If the next player sees an incorrect match, then he/she can take the egg and fix the match for his/her turn.)
  • Continue play until one team matches all their eggs.

The students really enjoyed this. I loved it because I saw students working together on their teams to help each other when there were incorrect matches. It was also a great opportunity to review the patterns we see when conjugating verbs.

Give this egg relay game a try to practice all kinds of things your students are learning, and enjoy!


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