Having students make storyboards is a creative and challenging way for them to use their Spanish. They develop communication skills by having to pull together the various vocabulary, grammar, and verb conjugation concepts they have been learning in order to tell a story.

When I assign storyboards for homework, I give students some criteria they have to follow as a guide. The storyboards featured here were done by fourth and fifth graders. The criteria was:

  1. Your storyboard must have at least 6 frames.
  2. You must use sequence words, i.e. primero (first), luego (next), entonces (then), and por fin (finally).
  3. Your characters are María and José.
  4. Your story should be about what they do in a day.
  5. You must use several different verbs.

I thought they did a great job!

This activity is great for students in a class as well as kids at home. If you are a parent working at home with your child, you can easily assign this for your kids. Just provide some criteria, like I do, so you can get them to practice what you want.

Also, I like to encourage students to use material they have learned in previous Spanish for You! themed packages. My students almost always raise their hands and ask, “Can we use stuff from last year?” I am always so proud of them as they pull together old material with the new.

They seem pretty proud of themselves too!


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