Spanish for You! builds conversation skills. It isn’t enough for students to just learn vocabulary, how to conjugate verbs, and grammar in order to communicate orally.

There needs to be a systematic approach to teaching students to use these elements together in different ways to communicate.  One way is to provide lots of practice asking and answering questions.

This clip shows two Spanish for You! 7th graders having a short conversation using some of what they have learned with Spanish for You!  They occasionally glance at a board that has some reminder questions of the content they wanted to talk about in order to make the video taping run smoothly.  They are answering the questions without assistance or memorization using the skills they have built in grammar, verb conjugation, and vocabulary development.

If you ever have a video of your students you would like to share, drop me a note.  It’s always great for others to see what students can do when using Spanish for You!


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