Looking for an easy and fun game to practice Spanish vocabulary? Try the Vocabulary Guessing Game.

Here’s how:

  • Write a vocabulary word in Spanish on an index card and tape it to a person’s back, or if you are using Spanish for You!, tape one of your package vocabulary picture cards.
  • Players looks at the card and then give hints to the person. It’s even more fun and challenging if students try giving hints in Spanish.
  • Once the person has guessed the word in Spanish, someone else gets an index card taped to his/her back.

Game Variation:
Tape a card to every student’s back. Then let them walk around the room giving each other hints (in Spanish if possible) until each person guesses their own card.


PS – If you’re looking for a Spanish curriculum for your homeschool or to teach classes, take a look at Spanish for You! It’s a simple, effective, and affordable way to learn Spanish!

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