If you’ve thought about doing summer homeschooling this year, you might want to consider including Spanish in the mix. Fun Spanish lessons are a great way to help your kids review, learn something new, or build some foundations prior to beginning Spanish in the fall.

4-6 Week Downloadable Fun Spanish Lessons

At Spanish for You!, we have 4 and 6 week downloadable Spanish lessons you can do at home with all your kids for $8.99 or $10.99. You don’t need any Spanish knowledge yourself to do this with your kids. You can learn along with them if you’d like!

These lessons work on establishing foundations in pronunciation, syntax, everyday vocabulary usage, verb conjugation, and grammar in a fun and simple way. 

Each week you have 4 days of things to do. Here’s an example. Each day takes about 15-20 minutes, and you can go at your own pace. Just follow everything in sequence. Your child(ren) will do a variety of listening, speaking, reading, and writing activities, plus there are games and activities that your kids can do together.

Audio is provided too, so you can hear everything! You will get 2 sets of audio files. The first set is recorded by a non-native speaker more slowly for a slower listening experience. The second set is identical, but recorded by a native speaker, so you get that exposure too.

You can choose a 6 week fully downloadable lesson for children ages/grades 3-4 for $10.99 or a 4 week fully downloadable lesson for children ages/grades 5-8 for $10.99.

Use One Download for Everyone

You can use ONE download with all your children! You can take advantage of Spanish for You!’s flexibility in combining ages. For example, if you have 3 children in grades 3, 5, and 6, then just get the 6 week lesson for grades 3-4 to use with them all. If you have 2 children in grades 6 and 8, then get the 4 week lesson for grades 5-8.

Just be sure that if you have a 3rd grader to use the grades 3-4 level. It is students of that age/grade that really need the younger Spanish lessons.

Plus a FREE Spanish Song

If you decide to do some summer homeschooling with these fun Spanish lessons, then we will throw in the song that goes with these lessons. The song is really neat! It takes the content learned in the 4 or 6 weeks and puts it all together in a fun song your kids can listen to and sing along with. Lyrics come with it too!

To Order Your Fun Spanish Lessons

  • You can order your 4 or 6 week Spanish lessons here.
  • You can add the FREE song (and hear a sample of it) here. The Song is “La transportación, Transportation”.

Be sure to add the song to your cart AND enter this discount code: FREETRANSPORT


Taking advantage of these fun Spanish lessons is an excellent opportunity to get your kids warmed up for Spanish this fall, do review, or just learn something new in an enjoyable way. If you ever have questions while using Spanish for You!, please feel free to drop me a note at support@spanish-for-you.net. I am happy to help!


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