A BIG “HOLA” to my Top Picks Homeschool friends! I put this here for you! (It’s also available to anyone else who happens across it!)

Last year I put together this Spanish Christmas activity, a “What Do You Like Survey”, so my students could practice using the verb “gustar”. “Gustar” is a verb used to talk about what people like or what pleases them. And, since it was Christmastime, I combined the practice with Spanish Christmas vocabulary.

You can download this activity below. There is a coordinating audio file so that you can hear all the content if needed. There is no Spanish experience needed to use this.

You can use this activity to reinforce your students’ learning of “gustar” or to add enrichment for the holidays. It can also be used as a fun way to introduce some Spanish learning to students who don’t know any Spanish.

If you would like a fun and easy way to add more Spanish Christmas learning for the holidays, check out my 10-Day Christmas Lesson here. No Spanish experience is needed. The lesson is for children ages 8 and up, although you can include younger children by having them do what works for them. 

Enjoy and Happy Holidays!




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