Using paper cubes to practice Spanish is fun, easy, and versatile. You can use them to practice Spanish verb conjugations, tell stories, and ask questions. And with some imagination, I am sure you can think of more ways to use them to practice!

First you need to know how you can easily make the paper cubes. All you need is paper or card stock, scissors, tape or glue stick, and something to write with. Look HERE for a template to make your cubes, or just do a search for a free printable paper cube template.

Once you make your paper cube, you are ready to practice!

Practice Verb Conjugation

To practice verb conjugation, make two cubes. On one cube write subjects, like “I, he, they, etc. in Spanish or English, one per square. On the other cube, write un-conjugated verbs like, “leer, escribir, hablar, etc.” Then have your student roll the cubes like dice. They must conjugate the verb that lands face up with the subject that lands face up. Example: “I/yo” and “hablar” = hablo is the conjugation.

Tell Stories

Make as many cubes as you want. In each square of a cube, put a vocabulary picture. If you are using Spanish for You!, your package comes with a full set of vocabulary activity pictures. You can make your cube on your computer and just copy and paste your pics. Then roll the cubes and have your student say sentences in Spanish to form a “story” using the pictures that show face up along with verbs and grammar they are learning. You can even make some other cubes with verbs or other helpful words to help them with their stories.

Ask Questions

Write questions in the squares using the verbs and vocabulary you are learning. An example might be: ¿Escribes con tu lápiz o tu libro? = Do you write with your pencil or your book?  Roll the cube and answer the question that shows up. If you are using Spanish for You!, this is a great way to practice questions from the Interactive Use of Verbs sections in your textbook.

There are many fun ways you can use paper cubes to practice Spanish. Try it. It’s fun!


PS – If you’re looking for a fun and easy-to-use curriculum for your homeschool or Spanish classes, take a look at Spanish for You!  The step-by-step lessons include lots of fun learning games and activities!

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